Learner Mobile simplifies training

Create training content that’s highly engaging, accessible to everyone—and best of all, can be done at a moment’s notice. Your workforce will love how easy it is to use Learner Mobile. And you’ll love all the time you just saved. You’re basically the office superhero.


Act as keymaster

Effortlessly manage users and profiles—even add other users as admins who could jump in and help get stuff done. Teamwork!

And with customizable content channels, you can keep your trainings fresh while making sure the right teams are getting the right lessons.


Create beautiful, powerful content

Building content is snappy in Learner Mobile. With ready-to-go templates, quickly craft your next best lesson. Insert videos or images that will grab your audience’s attention, and then drag and drop pretty much anything on the page so everything’s juuust where you want it.

Need more? Learner Mobile is also SCORM compliant. How awesome is that?


Ready to get started with Learner Mobile?


Dazzle your team

New content instantly appears in the homefeed, which pushes the most relevant content up based on user behavior. Create quizzes to test knowledge, give out fun awards for completing lessons, or ignite a bit of friendly competition with a leaderboard.

Have an important update to share right now? Send a push notification that will pop users into the app.


Gather insights

Whether you’re identifying learning gaps or tracking sales data against your team’s activity in the app, you can see it all on the Account Statistics dashboard.

Get a feel for the content your team finds the most (or least) helpful, and craft new content accordingly.